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Flick NBA Basketball: the giants of basketball compete on the iPhone and touch

With impeccable timing Freeverse makes available on the App Store Flick NBA Basketball, a new game set in the world of official American basketball on the days when the playoffs are underway in the United States. The presentation from a graphic and audio point of view is the best that has been seen to date in sports games for Apple's pocket touchpads.

It should be noted immediately that with Flick NBA Basketball it is not possible to face a real basketball game: the title in fact allows you to play against the computer or against an opponent, taking turns on the same pocket, in 5 specialties. In addition to the classic 3-point shooting, it is possible to compete in distance over distance in a sequence of baskets within the training network. There is also the "playground" type H.O.R.S.E .; in practice, two players challenge each other trying to replicate the shot of the one who shot before him. Those who make mistakes take a letter out of the five that make up the name "Horse". Whoever completes the word loses. Finally, it is possible to challenge our personal best or a friend in the endurance race by rotating the ball on the finger.

The controls are entirely managed via the touch-sensitive screen: starting from the ball held by our player, it is necessary to direct to the basket by sliding the finger in the desired trajectory. The challenge of rotating the ball on the finger is brilliant, using the accelerometer integrated in the iPhone and touch to keep the ball in balance.

NBA Basketball is immediately striking for its 3D graphics with attention to every detail: in addition to the faithful reproduction of the playing field, including reflections, the most surprising is the players. It is possible to choose to control practically all of the NBA's current stars: each player rendered so faithfully that he can be recognized within the game for facial expression, haircut, the presence of tattoos and other details.

Fans will immediately recognize characters like "Shaq" O'Neil, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Monta Ellis, Yao Ming, Carlos Boozer, Dwyane "D-Wade", Alan "The Answer" Iverson and many more. Nice the "incarnation" effect when switching from one player to another. Perfectly replicate the shirts.

The same goes for the audio sector: in addition to Queen's We will rock you, as a background to the stunts on the field, fans of US basketball will fully rediscover the atmosphere of the overseas playgrounds. Cheering and music from the stage, voice and live comments from the speaker, in short, nothing is missing. When listening to the game with headphones the maximum involvement effect.

Overall a game not to be missed for NBA basketball fans and anyone who appreciates basketball. But even those looking for a sports game and not particularly versed in the game of the ball to the basket have bread for their teeth.

Flick NBA Basket requires Firmware 2.2.1, works on iPhone and touch and is offered at a price of 3.99 euros starting from this App Store page.