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Files Go is a new Google app to get rid of …

As we all have well known by now, the organization of the various files of our smartphone of the vaults, can be a small problem, and the presence in number of too many superfluous files, irreparably affects the space in the storage that we could use differently. To do this, Google plans to launch Go files, an app suitable for manage potentially useless files so as to make management of storage space efficient.

Files Go will help you manage your smartphone space more efficiently

Go Files already present on the Play Store, but if you try to download it, you will be warned that the app is still in the "early access", And the number of users who still participate in the beta program has reached the maximum limit. But luckily the screenshots can give us a preview of what they will be the interface and functions of the new Google application.

Go files

Files Go in fact, will be able to offer you tips about the applications that can be deleted, based on the frequency of use, also helping to get rid of images or files duplicate, which unnecessarily take up memory space. You will be able to view all your personal files in one place and filter them by source.

Go files also have a mode that can help you transfer files to another smartphone of a user when this offline. The application, however, as suggested by the name, seems to be part of the Android Go program, launched by Big G and announced for the first time at Google I / O this year, in May. The program was launched with the aim of equipping the green robot system, on devices with only 512mb of RAM.

Go files

The design and concept of Files Go seem to marry perfectly with the Google program and its objectives. Currently we have not been informed when the app will be available for all smartphones, we just have to wait for the end of the short period of the beta test.

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