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Doubts by Judge Kollar-Kotelly about the mediation between DOJ and Microsoft?

marzo 18, 2020

Judge Koleen Kollar-Kottely would be doubtful about the terms of the agreement between Microsoft and the Justice Department. Some American sources say this after the news that yesterday the magistrate explicitly asked the two sides if there is a possibility of changing the terms of the mediation. A document, which the two parties should present by 7 February, would have the purpose of clarifying: any changes to the agreement and the timetable with which the parties intend to proceed with the submission of the changes. The step, decidedly unusual and advanced ahead of the expected formal pronouncement on the congruity of the agreement would be a sign that the judge has some doubts about it. According to some legal experts, in particular, it could be read in recent events the evidence that the public comments presented in recent days, the series of new lawsuits (the latest of these from Netscape), some details of the agreement, would have convinced Kollar-Kottely of the non-factivity of the agreement between DOJ and Microsoft.