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Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge compatible with Mac OS X

Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge compatible with Mac OS X logomacitynet1200wide 1

Hollywood DV-Bridge a converter in the form of an external box that is connected to the Firewire / IEEE1394 slot of a computer and to an analog or digital video camera

Analog video material can be quickly and easily transferred to digital material and vice versa, it can be used both with PCs with Windows system and with Macintosh. The transferred videos can be edited with the iMovie or Final Cut Pro editing software. During the conversion, the video material can be viewed on a television screen while it is transferred to a computer to have an idea of ​​the final content during the passage of the material. .

Hollywood DV-Bridge can be used without the computer. The box converter only needs to be inserted between a digital video camera and an analog or a video recorder and the video material can be transferred from analog to digital and vice versa: the ideal solution when traveling.

Features: IEEE 1394 / i.LINK / FireWir compatibility with various DV editing programs Inputs: DV, Composite Video, S-Video, Audio Outputs: DV, Composite Video, S-Video, Audio Conversion from DV to analog for TV or VCR output Conversion from analog to DVUse the TV screen as a monitor during conversionUse PC and MacintoshUse even without a computer

System requirements: The only system required is an IEEE 1394 / i.LINK / FireWirecompatibility slot Mac OS 9.04 and later, OS X

For the test, visit this MacProf page.

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