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Confide, here is the app to hide messages from wife, husband and boyfriends


Hiding and keeping SMS messages on iPhone secret so that nobody can see or read them: here is Confide, the program that destroys and deletes messages when they are read

Already nicknamed "the Snapchat for professionals", a new application arrives that allows its users to send and receive text messages that will automatically self-destruct once read.

Dear Apple users, today I point out an interesting program for your smartphones that represents the version of SnapChat dedicated to messaging. With Confide you can read and send SMS messages which are automatically deleted once they have been read. This ensures your privacy is safe and you can hide SMS messages from your partner's eyes.

Let's see how it works and what it offersConfide for iPhone in detail.

Confide, the app to hide messages from your partner (VIDEO).

Snapchat, thanks to its formula "read and destroy", has been an incredible success, so much so that other programs are starting to arrive based on the same principle of protection of privacy and data security of users. It confides one of these, only that, instead of images , focuses on text messages, which are notoriously a cause for quarrel (when it is good) between couples of engaged couples or newlyweds.

If you also want to keep your secret relationships safe and dark and you don't want your partner (wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend) or anyone else to read your conversations, Confide is for you. As said, in fact,Confide allows its users to send and receive text messages that will automatically self-destruct after reading, without the possibility of taking screenshots or saving them.

But let's get to know this betterConfide, which is truly depopulated among iPhone users.

Developed by a New York teamled by Jon Brod(former AoL executive)and Howard Lerma, actually the application aimed at a public of professionals who work daily with confidential information, and who therefore must necessarily preserve its secrecy. Its goal, in fact, would be to allow professionals to exchange confidential information without anyone being able to recover it, but in reality the Confide program is also used for other purposes, that is, to exchange "loving" messages without official partners may find out.

Imagine cases where you should receive an email or a note with the words Confidential or Do not distributetells Businessweek Brod the application optimized for professionals and businessmen.

Just to keep your users' conversations safe and secure, in Confide the words contained in the received messages will be hiddenfrom solid blocks that will make interpretation impossible: the text will be shown one line at a time, exclusively through an interaction of the recipient, which will have to slide your finger slowly along the entire message. A well-studied interface that, unlike SnapChat, makes virtually impossible to capture the screen, and allows you to put your users in contact via the email address and not the phone number.

Furthermore, cHonestly to SnapChat, the developers claim to have used a really complex and secure security protocoldifficult to get around. We'll see if it really is: SnapChat was supposed to be safe, too, then we saw how easily a group of hackers managed to steal many accounts and publish them on the net.

In the meantime, however, if you need to send and receive text messages keeping them safe and hidden, you can definitely try this Confide program, which is really very interesting and well done.

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