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CES 2016 Sony, tour of the stand between new Bravia 4K HDR TVs and hi-tech audio video gadgets

On the occasion of CES 2026, Sony Corporation unveils the new product range arriving in 2016. During the keynote of the company Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Corporation, he said: The choices we make to differentiate ourselves and be unique, the curiosity that drives the our passion for challenges and our commitment to make it possible to use creativity concretely testify to our philosophical and strategic principles, aimed at continuing to build an increasingly strong, efficient and profitable company. Offering kando to our consumers continues to be the main focus and objective of our business.

CES 2016 Sony Kazuo HiraiKazuo Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Corporation, during the keynote at CES 2016

The event continued with the intervention of Michael Fasulo, President and COO of Sony Electronics (SEL), who presented some of the products that will be launched during the year, in various categories. First of all, the new Sony 4K BRAVIA televisions that further improve the viewing of Ultra HD content and films. Then the range of audio products for listening to music in any mode, with new products tailored to every taste and need, from High Resolution Audio (Hi-Res) to the deepest bass. The products of the digital imaging line, designed to capture milk in unforgettable scenarios and preserve memories with surprising details. Finally, the products of the Life Space UX series, accessories for any room in the home, which redefine the concept of entertainment. Sony is preparing to introduce new products in each of these categories over the course of the year. Here are some of the main products and prototypes featured at Sony CES 2016.

CES 2016 Sony bravia 9 standNew Sony Bravia 4K TVsOn the Sony stand you can admire the latest generation Sony TVs with Backlight Master Drive technology, designed to maximize brightness and contrast and fully express the potential of 4K HDR. The solution in action on a prototype 85 with very high density LED backlight. Combined with X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, the Backlight Master Drive technology achieves an unprecedented dynamic range, improving realism and depth of scenes with intense blacks and accentuated lights, thanks to a peak brightness of 4,000 nit.

Sony improves realism and 4K image quality also thanks to the new and increasingly popular HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, which has the advantage of multiplying the expressive possibilities of the images through greater brightness, higher contrast and intense colors. As of 2016, BRAVIA TVs compatible with content in this format will use the logo 4K HDR, to explain to consumers that, with these TVs, they can be sure of having an immersive visual experience ready for the future.

The new BRAVIA LCD 4K XD93 series offers Sony's new Slim Backlight Drive technology, which takes picture quality to new levels to view 4K HDR content. The XD93 series implements a new grid backlight structure, made possible so far only by a Full LED configuration. The Slim Backlight Drive system, together with the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology for contrast enhancement and the wide color range of the TRILUMINOS Display, guarantees brighter peaks, deeper blacks and brighter colors.

Sony has also taken care of the increasingly thin design, in addition to the easier to use interface also with voice search functions. Sony has also unveiled ULTRA, the new Sony Pictures Home Entertainment app that will arrive in the United States over the next few months. With ULTRA it will be possible to purchase and stream 4K HDR films and TV programs directly on Sony BRAVIA televisions, choosing from the latest hits and great classics offered by the Sony Pictures 4K digital catalog.

CES 2016 Sony bravia 8Sony audio news at CES 2016The Sony h.ear series is enriched with three new elements capable of reproducing High Resolution (Hi-Res) audio: the Sony h.hear speaker and headphones Macitynet has already spoken in this article. In addition to the Hi-Res offer, Sony also enriches the popular EXTRA BASS (XB) line, which offers powerful and vibrant sounds, with the MDR-XB650BT headphones, the SRS-XB3 and SRS-XB2 wireless speakers and the GTK- high-power audio system. XB7 that we have already talked about.

We would like to point out that some of Sony's new audio products will also be equipped with the Wireless Surround function (via software update scheduled for the summer of 2016), which will allow you to create a home theater set-up by connecting, without cables, the soundbars and wireless speakers , on HT-NT5, HT-CT790 and HT-XT2 home theater systems; STR-DN1070 AV Receiver; h.ear go wireless speaker, SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5.

Sony Digital ImagingAt CES 2016 Sony has presented the new Handycams of which we speak in more detail in this article, while in the Sony Action Cam range with SteadyShot the HDR-AS50R model enters, with the Live-View remote control supplied. Equipped with even more intuitive controls, this dedicated accessory allows you to manage the functions of the Action Cam, including the drive, even remotely. Among the new features of the model stand out the effects in 4K time-lapse created by mounting still images taken in sequence and at fixed intervals by the camera, with editing software such as Action Cam Movie Creator ver. 5.1 or higher (available from January 2016) and the possibility of shooting underwater up to 60 m depth, by applying the special waterproof case included in the package.

Sony Life Space UXThe Life Space UX line aims to change the interaction of users with the physical space and their idea of ​​entertainment. In Japan, the LED Bulb Speaker is already available, a bulb-shaped speaker that blends into the living room environment. Just plug it into a bulb socket to spread music throughout the house, without the hindrance of unsightly cables. The LED Bulb Speaker will be launched in the United States in the first half of 2016.

Also expected on the markets is the portable ultra-short throw projector, a cubic device of only 10 cm per side with integrated battery and speakers. This small miniaturization prodigy capable of projecting images from 22 to 80 on walls, tables or any adjacent surface. Finally Sony presents Glass Sound Speaker, a crystal clear speaker in sound and appearance. In fact, the structure consists of an organic glass tube that wraps around an LED source, from which discreet light effects emanate, suitable for any interior. Both the ultra short-range portable projector and the Glass Sound Speaker will debut in Japan in the spring and the United States in the first half of the year.

Of course, numerous other products from other categories are also on display at Sony's CES stand. Among these, for example, products with smart technologies for sport and leisure (Smart B-Trainer and Smart Tennis Sensor) and for cosmetics (the BeautyExplorer skin analysis system) and the prototypes of projects born from the Seed Acceleration Program, the new internal startup incubation program promoted by Sony.