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CES 2016 SCiO, the gadget that looks at food and says what you can eat or not

French start-up DietSensor launched the Bluetooth SCiO molecular sensor at CES 2016. The gadget uses a near infrared spectroscope to determine the chemical composition of food and drinks. Thanks to the combined app for iPhone, Scio can analyze the substances on the basis and how their molecules interact with the light, thus informing the user about what he is about to eat.

Although it may seem like a dream tool for those on a diet, Scio is mainly aimed at people who suffer from particular pathologies such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, to keep an eye on even with the diet.

The founders Remy and Astrid Bonnasse approached the SCiO concept in 2014 when their 9-year-old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 undiabete, who requested to monitor the carbohydrate intake of each meal and measure insulin.

diet sensor

The couple developed a nutritional application and worked with the Israeli company Consumer Physics for an ungadget that uses science to automate the process. The prototype uses spectroscopy, which highlights how food molecules vibrate in a unique way when interacting with light.

This method has been used in scientific laboratories, but the DietSensor brings the instrument to consumers for the first time. Even if the scanner only reads homogeneous food (such as cheese, crackers, bread) and would not be able to collect all the ingredients in a sandwich, the application allows you to enter more complex meals manually.

The SCiO scanner available for $ 249, while the application can be downloaded for free, but requires a subscription of $ 10 per month.