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Car Jack Streets: the Grand Theft auto for iPhone and touch

Car Jack Streets: the Grand Theft auto for iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

Since the first screens available on the App Store, the new title Car Jack Streets closely resembles the classic Grand Theft Auto, especially the first versions with a view from above. The non-casual similarity, the game was in fact designed and developed by the team of programmers who worked on GTA. Compared to the latest versions of GTA for computers and living room consoles where 3D dominates, Car Street Jack takes advantage of 3D graphics but almost always maintains a top view that makes everything seem 2D. In any case, the height of the buildings, the quality of the details and the magnification of the view demonstrate the goodness of the choice and also the effective technical realization. The top view is more suitable for pocket devices offering a game that we believe is more fun and playable than full immersion in 3D, where joypads or mice and keyboards are still indispensable.

There is no need for further information on the plot: our protagonist has accumulated a substantial gambling debt and to stay alive you need to carry out a series of more or less legal missions that will allow us to settle the debt contracted with the mafia. To achieve the goal we have a whole city at our disposal, the possibility of stealing and using any car, a substantial arsenal of weapons with spectacular effects and in essence the great freedom of movement that has made the GTA series famous. The controls are all managed via a touch-sensitive screen and change to improve ease of use. When we walk on foot we have a multi-directional pad on the left and the firing button on the right, while in the driving sections the buttons for the turns are on the left, while the brake and accelerator are on the right. Among the numerous goodies of the title we remember a graphic style and above all the interludes in pure comic style, finally a compelling soundtrack of 80 minutes.

Car Jack Streets works on iPhone and touch with Firmware 2.0: offered at a price of 3.99 euros starting from this page of the App Store. Below are some screenshots and a YouTube video of the game.

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