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Best Tweak Cydia for iOS 7: iBlank, to customize the Springboard with empty spaces


Tweak downloadsiBlankfrom Cydia for iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to iOS 7 with Jailbreak: to personalize the Springboard with empty spaces

iBlank, the tweak to customize the Springboard is updated for iOS 7

Here we are at a new appointment with ibest tweaks for Cydia compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad. Today we talk about iBlank, a new tweak that has just been released for iOS 7.

The tweak in question, as can be seen from the name, allows you to customize the Springboard with empty spaces on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.Let's see what it offers and how it works.

iBlank a useful tweak present for some time on Cydia that allows you to create invisible folders (and therefore empty spaces between icons) to better customize the graphics and the appearance of some particular themes for Winterboard. The tweak has recently been updated introducing full compatibility with iOS 7.

If you want to make the graphics of your Springboard unique on iPhone, iPod and iPad, making the icons appear only in certain areas and leaving other empty spaces, simulating for example the Mac OS X desktop or Android smartphones, iBlank is the tweak that makes the your case.

After downloading, installing and starting it, all you have to do is choose the number of empty icons to install inside your homescreen and, as if by magic, you will find yourself empty spaces between the icons of your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

iblankforios7prefs "src =" "width =" 530 "height =" 344 "/></p><p style=As mentioned, the tweak was recently updated to become compatible with iOS 7. It does not require long configurations and, indeed, you just need to select a couple of preferences to immediately see the tweak in action. It may not be the most useful tweak in the world, but it certainly allows you to customize the homescreen of your Apple devices as you want, by inserting empty icons and empty spaces between the applications of your iPhone, iPod and iPad, making the homescreen slightly different from the usual and certainly particular.

If interested, you can find it for free in Cydia through the ModMyi repository.

iBlank a very simple tweak to use, which requires no configuration. Definitely one of the best Cydia tweaks without a doubt.

Obviously pto use this tweak you need a device updated to iOS 7 and with Jailbreak.

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