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Baby Shaker, Apple apologizes

Deeply offensive and worthy of being removed. To raise the voice against Baby Shaker the highly contested application that had the sole purpose of silencing crying children by waving their cell phones, are from Apple and the spokeswoman Natalie Kerris pronounces them.

'We made a mistake – says Kerris – that game was not to be approved. We are seriously sorry for what happened, it was a deeply offensive product. " The intervention comes at the end of a day where the criticism of Baby Shaker, a 79 cent game, has intensified hour by hour. After the title was removed a few hours after its publication, many realities dealing with the defense of children had begun to press Cupertino for official apologies, apologies that eventually came.

Apple has been involved in the matter, even if the game has not been made in its labs. His are, in fact, the auditors who are responsible for definitively approving all the works submitted by external developers, figures that in the past have been extremely severe when it came to stopping products deemed inappropriate for Apple's commercial strategies but which in this case they don't seem to have had the right sensitivity.

The developer, the little-known Sikalosoft, has so far not released any public comment to journalists who have sought out those responsible, but on his website it is admitted that 'the release of Baby Shaker was a bad idea'. Below is a summary of the brain damage that can be caused to a child when he shakes him as suggested by the game. The fear that simulation could go to practice and end up shaking a real child to make him stop or, more modestly, legitimize this action, had been the cause of protests by the associations for the protection of children.