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At CES 2016 Zipato ZipaTILE, the definitive all-in-one home automation gateway

If the future of home automation simplifies access to control tools, the ZipaTILE presented at CES 2016 certainly serves the purpose.Produced by Zipato, it is a gateway that at the same time acts as a thermostat, camera, video interconnection, manages the absence of current and much more. , in one device.

Waiting to test the device more fully at the company stand at CES 2016, we attach the presentation video that illustrates its capabilities in addition to the photographs taken in Las Vegas by our correspondents.

The device obviously based on the Z-wave protocol which has over 1,200 compatible peripherals and mainly a gateway combined with a touch control panel but with the pluses that make it special: on board we also find external and internal temperature sensors and the ability to act as a room thermostat, a camera also useful as an intercomm, an energy backup system in case of power outages.

Due to its characteristics ZipaTile is also proposed as a control system for the elderly who remain alone in the house as it can function as an alarm system with a siren on board. It also incorporates speaker, microphone, presence sensor, brightness, humidity and noise sensor, as well as a shock sensor. Finally, it can manage 6 preset scenes on the screen.

The device is undoubtedly interesting and takes the All in one concept that we have seen developed by different companies in recent months to the highest level. We will see in the next few days in what times and with what prices will arrive on the market but the premises on the level of functional capabilities are really excellent.

CES 2016 Zipato