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At CES 2016 Zipato presented ZipaTile, the home automation hub with a more versatile screen

marzo 18, 2020

We had anticipated it in one of the pre-show items but seeing the new Zipato ZipaTile live was a pleasant experience as well as confirming the completeness of a product that has truly unique features and a particularly interesting price given the equipment on board .

Zipato has always followed its own production and OEM products, above all with the development of software capable of equipping a multitude of solutions from European or Asian manufacturers. In this case it is an original product based, as you can guess, on the mechanics of a tablet but with a completely redesigned chassis (the prototypes seen at CES still had some details to fix) and above all with a truly sensors and radio equipment open to the future of home automation.

Zipato has always been a supporter of the possibility of installing several wireless radios on his hubs in order to offer a wide range of peripherals and even in a relatively small system, he does not spare the communication equipment thanks obviously to the miniaturization of the components.

CES 2016 Zipato

Seen live ZipaTile seems more subtle than in renderings and its installation / removal is very simple: since it is a tablet with autonomous battery we can use it both in moments of voltage drop and to bring it close to the nodes that will have to be inserted in the home automation network wireless. The ideal place in place of the home thermostat or in an area or corridor that we want to monitor or that we want to use as a communication point since it has a camera on board that can function as an intercom, SIP phone and that also has a thermostat with the possibility of manage the activation of a boiler and connect to a probe for detecting the external temperature.

The system at the first start is nothing more than an Android Lollipop that runs the dedicated software but can also be used competitively for other applications or even multi-hub or multi-brand management systems for IOT management. Obviously access can be limited by password but there are shortcuts possible through Gesture and you can also configure the six buttons on the sides to quickly access some functions (alarm insertion, scene activation, switching off of some groups of lights).

Designed for …

Here are the areas in which ZipaTile can be useful

Home automation: remote control with smartphone or computer, creation of online rules which are then kept locally on the hub-panel, scene management, room management, management of accessories compatible with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Nest, Philips Hue, Sonos, Bluetooth

Safety: presence sensor, noise sensor, shock sensor (activates if the panel itself is removed), touch keypad, alarm siren with the possibility of choosing different sounds, continuous monitoring of external sensors connected wirelessly or with wiring.

Internal and external communications: Sip Client Server for VOIP telephony, Door control (with the possibility of direct connection to the opening of the same or of a Cam that controls the input, Calls with video, IP connectivity with double network and remote control of the internal camera with an external smartphone.

Care of the elderly: presence, noise and movement sensor, atuomatic control calls, panic button with automatic call, audible alarms for recalling daytime engagements, voice and video calls.

Thermostat: with boiler and radiator or underfloor heating management, internal and external temperature control, air conditioning control and remote control with smartphone.

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<p>On the wall panel with 800 × 1280 pixel screen both the temperature of the rooms and the lighting and humidity will be conveniently indicated with a special screen in addition to the weather forecast with connection to the web. Obviously you can insert virtual post-its, check other cameras inserted in the house, use Skype, Email, browser, online TV and use 6 different scenes as mentioned with the dedicated buttons.</p>
<p>With the 2 MPixel IP camera you can have a live h264 video stream, motion-based recordings and external control from a smartphone.</p>
<p>Zipatile will be available from March 2016 with a price of 279 Euros in the presale phase or a final price of 349 Euros</p>
<p>For more information, see the manufacturer's website.</p>