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At CES 2016 Pico in Picobrew puts a digital mini-brewery at home

marzo 18, 2020

Have you always dreamed of making beer at home but have traditional "cellar" production kits always seemed clumsy and complicated? Picobrew solves everything with its latest gadget, Pico, a real mini-brewery that will allow you to produce in your home with maximum results with minimum effort.

The very simple idea: to have a perfect beer with the simple gesture of pressing a few buttons. The Pico addressed to novices who want to make the drink at home without having to untangle in the various steps of traditional production. With Pico, you won't learn much about how the process actually happens, but you can still do it at home.

Simply place the PicoPak – the envelopes with prepackaged ingredients used for the production recipes – in the container, set the taste preferences (level of bitterness, characteristics of the mix, etc.) and press the Pico button. The Wi-Fi connection allows you to choose settings simply through the dedicated app, which also provides a glance on the progress of production at all times.

Two hours later, the fermented must is ready, which is then transferred from the beer keg to the dispensing barrel and cooled. After the yeast is activated, the must takes about a week to ferment. A small recyclable CO2 cylinder included to "gass" the beer once ready. A few steps and your creation ends up on the table.

The ingredients can be purchased online on the AndrewMarketplace, a sort of social network for brewers. The owners of the gadget can use the service to exchange and download new recipes and offer feedback on each of them. In essence, this means that they can also use community ideas to collaborate on new blends and techniques.

Finally, the Pico is also an excellent gadget for vacuum cooking (sous-vide); therefore two accessories for the price of one. Anyone wishing to pre-order the Pico can do it for 699 euros on the official Picobrew website. Here are our photographs taken at CES 2016.