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At CES 2016 Orvibo brings home automation solutions from Wi-Fi to Zigbee

Among the first Chinese manufacturers to introduce a Wi-Fi-based smart power outlet, at CES 2016 Orvibo among the promoters of the Zigbee protocol and presented a very complete line of products for home automation to complement its heavyweights: the smart sockets Wifi S20, the distributor of IR commands via Wi-Fi Allone and the gas and carbon monoxide detector Kepler.

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The heart of the system presented by Orvibo, from the name HomeMate obviously a Hub with on board not only Wi-Fi and Zigbee but also Z-wave and Bluetooth crowned by a series of peripherals that include alarm sensors for doors and windows, presence sensors, switches or external or internal relays, surveillance cameras in short, garage opening the whole range necessary to install a home automation system by yourself.

The devices shown at CES 2016 have a coherent and clean look and seem to be able to cover every aspect of the smart home starting from what the best-selling product of the Chinese company: the smart S20 socket that is now available for with the specific sockets and plugs of every country in the world, including Italy.

Certainly worth mentioning is Kepler, the first wi-fi detector that combines both the detection of carbon monoxide and home gas: the sensor can be removed from the base and transported to a remote place also to check the leakage of gas due to the failure of a facility. The sensors used come from Japan and the project was funded with a campaign on Kickstarter.

orvibokepler "width =" 724 "height =" 444 "srcset =" 724w, wp-content / uploads / 2016/01 / orvibokepler-480x294.jpg 480w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 724px) 100vw, 724px "src =" content / uploads / 2016/01 / orvibokepler.jpg "/></p><p>Orvibo markets all its products built in China (but the cloud server used for remote management is located in Hong Kong) both in the Far East and in Europe and also makes use of Amazon in our country.</p><p><img class=