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At CES 2016 Netatmo unveils Presence, the intelligent security camera

At CES 2016 Netatmo announced Presence, an external security camera which, as the name implies, can recognize and report the presence of people, cars and animals.

After installing it outside, Presence analyzes in real time if someone is walking around the house, if a car enters the driveway or if an animal crosses the garden: able to understand what he sees and sends a notification to the user in case something is detected in the area monitored.

It incorporates a system that guarantees excellent infrared night visibility and integrates a light with a large light beam which, when activated, allows you to record videos with vivid colors even in the middle of the night. This light can also be programmed to detect and scare unwanted visitors or to illuminate the street when dark.

CES 2016 Netatmo

Netatmo Presence can record videos in Full HD and store videos locally on a microSD card or transfer them directly to a personal FTP server. Storage – the company specifies – completely free and does not involve any additional or paid subscription.

Presence also thinks about security. The transmission of images from the camera is in fact protected by end-to-end banking encryption, and the system also immediately notifies if a device or a new unapproved IP address accesses the camera.

It connects to the home WiFi network, accessible from smartphones, tablets, computers, Macs and even from Apple Watch and can be installed like any outdoor lamp. The field of view of 100 degrees thus covering a very large area and up to 20 meters away, also resistant to bad weather (certified IP66).

The camera has already won four trade fair awards in the Smart Home, Digital Imaging, Tech For A Better World and Embedded Technologies categories. The price has not yet been announced: as regards availability, it will be on the market starting from the month of July.

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CES 2016 Netatmo