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At CES 2016 Living in digital times presents hi-tech as a lifestyle

A showcase dedicated to the hi-tech lifestyle: this goal that is set at Ces 2016 Living in Digital Times. Inside the Ces 2016 exhibition, the Living in Digital Times space – which takes care of CES and not only to promote and organize events dedicated to technology that aims to solve the problems of everyday life – offers spaces and events that talk about a smart life, in which technology is not an accessory, but an integral and characterizing part of concrete aspects of domestic, family and private life. Of the 20 thousand products that can be seen at Ces 2016 Living in Digital Times will present the best devices in the areas of Education & technology, Family & technology, Fitness & technology, Health & Wellness, Children & technology, Wearables. A real look, therefore, to a life that knows of the future, but that is already possible in the present, and on hi-tech lifestyle trends made of intelligent robot dogs, wearable to monitor health and well-being, smart appliances and many other products.


Among the news that will be unveiled during the Living in Digital Times show at Ces 2016, the products for health stand out. Among these are MOCAheart, an intelligent portable device that offers users indications on the health of their heart wherever they are thanks to a simple thumb scan: just press a finger on MOCAheart to send data to the app on your smartphone or tablet and get information in real time on heart rate, blood oxygen levels and other references related to blood pressure.

mocaheart Ces 2016 Living in Digital Times

As regards wellness and fitness, LifeQ stands out among the proposals at CES 2016 of Living in Digital Times, a platform that offers the possibility to easily check your physical conditions by comparing the data collected by the sensors used and worn.


CHiP by WowWee a robot dog that represents an interesting novelty as regards the smart home: it responds to the commands of the owner, sent via bracelets worn by the owners, using iBeacon technology always knows where it is and performs some movements, such as collecting objects and , why not, a wireless smart ball.

Ces 2016 Living in Digital Times

Needless to say, the news related to the Kitchen will make everyone who loves cooking and are fascinated by smart cooking turn their heads. In addition to appliances, many interesting devices will be presented such as Perfect Blend, halfway between a scale and a nutritionist: it allows you to plan healthy meals in a few steps, to track the calories consumed and to create delicious dishes.

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