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At CES 2016 D-Vine, after coffee also wine in capsules

The wine in capsules? we already see the expression of our readers who are passionate about Bacchus, full of disgust and disgust. The French start-up 10-Vins, which presented its D-Vine, the Nespresso of wine at CES 2016, does not think so if you compare it with the brand that today represents the concept of coffee in capsules.

Fortunately, the D-Vine is not a machine that produces wine, but only distributes it like no one has ever distributed it before. Customers can purchase individual 10 centiliter moon ampoules of wine and insert them into the D-Vine.

The machine will be able to read the special chip included in the support and calculate the level of settling and the right temperature to which the wine must be subjected before serving it in the glass. The entire wine dispensing procedure will last only 30 seconds.

The vials will have a price starting from 1.90 euros and will contain not just any Tavernello, but wines from independent wine producers; the 10-Vins company will handle the transfer of wine from bottles (or demijohns) to the appropriate vials, which will then be sold to the public as it happens today for the various types of coffee.

d-vine 1

The initiative might seem unattractive for fans of the classic bottle but there is no lack of interest for different types of users, such as families with very different tastes, or who consume only a few glasses of wine and who would like to avoid opening a bottle to drink only one glass.

The D-Vine will be launched on the market in France next November at a price that is certainly not accessible to everyone: currently available for pre-order at 499 on the official website.