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At CES 2016 BeON Home, an efficient alarm system in a light bulb

BeON Home is a particularly simple but effective alarm system that actually disguises itself as a smart lighting system. It could also be mistaken for a traditional smart lighting system, but in reality the alarm nature is very evident. In short, even if the lights actually serve to illuminate the environment, it is a connected device that illuminates the house and protects it from attackers. Here's how and why.

It is a temporary lighting system that can be controlled manually, or automatically, from an iOS or Android application. The smart lamps, then, can be automatically turned on at times pre-set by the user on a weekly basis, in order to always simulate the presence of someone in the house. For a few minutes, or hours of the day, the one in the kitchen can switch on, while in other time slots it is possible to switch on the one in the living room. These are 10 Watts lamps, with an estimated life of 25,000 hours of ignition, with an output of 800 lumens and a soft white color temperature at 3000K. Aesthetically and dimensionally, they do not differ too much from traditional lights, with a weight of 180 grams for each.

The nature of the alarm system is also evident from the possibility of having the lights turn on when the house bell rings. In fact, if an attacker wanted to make sure he had a free house, ringing the intercom or at the door, he would immediately be dismissed from the sight of the lights coming on immediately after ringing the bell.

The diBeON Home kit can be purchased directly on the official website of the manufacturer, with the possibility of international orders, therefore with shipments also planned to Italy.

  CES 2016 BeON Home