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Apple's iPadOS 13.4, the public release will take place on March 24th

iPadOS 13.4 will arrive in just 6 days, March 24: the announcement is official, and was given in conjunction with the presentation of the new generation iPad Pro and related Magic Keyboard.

One of the main novelties of the new release will be trackpad support, which we also find integrated in the new keyboard and on which Apple has focused a lot in the presentation phase. The function, Apple explains, is not simply copied from macOS, but completely redesigned from the ground up to ensure an optimized user experience for the type of device and operating system.

It is worth pointing out that trackpad support will not remain exclusive to the new generation iPad Pro, nor to the Magic Keyboard: in fact it will be available on all compatible iPads (therefore all those that have received iPadOS 13), and several keyboards for iPad with integrated trackpad are also coming from third-party manufacturers, such as Logitech.

Another important novelty will be the possibility of share your iCloud folder. At the same time, there will also be an update of the iWork productivity suite, aimed precisely at supporting the new operating system features mentioned above. In addition, the company promises the arrival of the "drop cap" (when the first letter of a paragraph is much larger than the rest of the text)