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Apple users, pay close attention to this mail!


Beware of this email: it could compromise your Apple ID!

These days a fake Apple email is circulating asking users for Apple ID data: be careful, it is phising and it means that someone wants to steal your data (and your money).

As reported by TAW, one is currently circulating on the net new mail that risks putting Apple users' sensitive data at serious riskIn particular, a fake Apple email is coming to many users asking users for their Apple ID data. Obviously it is a scam, which you absolutely must not take.

Here are the details.

Screenshot-Apple-Phishing-Email "src =" http: //static.vcubarvgnyvn.pbz/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Screenshot-Apple-Phishing-Email.png "width =" 456 "height =" 350 "/></p><p style=As has happened several times in the past, the phishing attempt against Apple users has started again.

Just in these hours, in fact, one is circulating on the netfake mailApple in which the deactivation of an Apple ID is communicated and in which the user who receives it is invited to verify their identity in order to reactivate the account. Clearly it is one a scam that risks exposing users who received this message to serious security problems.

Many users, in fact, take the email, communicate their Apple ID data and in a few moments the scammers have the opportunity to act on the users' Apple account, emptying their credit card by purchasing certain applications that go to fill the coffers of the attackers . The simple trick: scammers publish some applications on the AppStore at a high price or full of in-app purchases. Once they receive the Apple data of users who have taken the trap, all they do is buy these programs many times or make a lot of in-app purchases, bringing home a lot of money in an extremely simple way.

Unfortunately, not the first time this has happened, but Apple, in my opinion, does very little to stop these attempts to steal data from its users.

In any case, in case you have received an email similar to the one you find at the beginning of the article, absolutely avoid clicking on any linkinserted in the email. Indeed, it would be better to completely trash the message after checking that it is not an authentic Apple email, which is easily implemented by taking a look at the email address from which it comes.

In addition, Apple does not usually send emails to verify the identity of its usersin no case.

If you happen to click on the email links and communicate your data to the scammers, you will connect to a fake Apple page and you will be asked to enter your data to access the Apple ID you usually use: needless to say, if you you will do this data will not be sent to Apple, but to strangers who will appropriate the flight of your Apple ID and use yourcredit cardto shop without your knowledge.

As mentioned, however, this is only one example of the numerous fraud attempts that have been carried out for years against Apple users. You always keep your guard high and try not to fall into such pitfalls. Therefore, pay close attention not only to this email that is circulating at the moment, but in general to any communication received from Apple that may seem unreliable!

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