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Apple iPhone 6: the first photo of the metal frame arrives


Is this the metal frame of the new Apple iPhone 6?

A few months after the arrival on theiPhone 5srumors continue to follow on what will be the next generation of iPhones, which, theoretically, should offer users the classic change of design that Apple usually allows himself in alternate years.

After various rumors about technical characteristics that mainly aim at adopting a display larger than four inches, a photo arrives today that would show the ultra-thin aluminum frame of theApple's new iPhone 6.

As we said, even if the new iPhone 5S has been introduced on the market only a few months ago, the rumors about the new iPhone 6 are already numerous. Today, in fact, the leakedfirst images related to the body of the new Apple device.

For some days now there has been talk of the fact that the new iPhone 6 could have a display with a larger diagonal than the current one, and just today, surprisingly, further confirmations arrive that anticipate us an iPhone 6 anyway thinner and larger, but with a design very similar to the current iPhone, just like Apple used to doing with its devices. For now, therefore, no surprise: once again we are dealing with rumors that claim that iPhone 6 will be bigger than the current one, but also thinner.

In fact, the images seem to confirm these rumors, together with a larger screen than the current iPhone 5. Here are the images that have just been leaked:

161347 "src =" "width =" 320 "height =" 425 "/></p><p><img class= Although the source quite reliable absolutely impossible to be sure that it can actually be the frame of the Apple device.Obviously, therefore, this news must be taken with due caution.

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