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Apple Energy LLC: Apple now produces and sells electricity

Without much fuss, Apple has created an energy subsidiary, Apple Energy LLC, a subsidiary registered in Delaware but managed by the Cupertino headquarters. The 9to5Mac website explains that the subsidiary seems to have been created to sell the excess energy produced, generated by the solar farms it has in Cupertino and Nevada, and which it plans to sell in all the USA.

Apple has been dealing with renewable energy for years and the move is not surprising after all. The company has acquired great skills in the sector, hired engineers and staff of all levels who now allow it to work with reduced environmental impact. 93% of the facilities that Apple has in the world are currently powered by renewable energy.


Last year, a program was launched aimed at suppliers all over the world to help them consume less energy, encourage them to use more clean energy and build plants capable of producing renewable energy. In China, for example, Apple is building photovoltaic plants for 200 megawatts starting with a 170 megawatt solar plant in Inner Mongolia.

Together with its suppliers Cupertino is working on the installation of new clean energy plants for a total of 4 gigawatts worldwide, of which 2 gigawatts in China alone by 2020. And in the next two years Foxconn will install 400 megawatts of solar systems to power the final assembly line of the iPhones in the Zhengzhou plant.

From the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), the commission that deals with federal energy, natural gas and electricity transmission in the US, learns that Apple has great ambitions in the field of energy production. In the USA, private companies can currently sell excess energy only to energy companies and often (there are changes from state to state) to sell wholesale. Apple plans to sell directly to end users at market prices, in other words to get full price payments for excess energy.

The leaf on the Apple symbol is tinted green at the Apple flagship store on 5th Ave in New York

In the US, a company such as Green Mountain Power currently has infrastructure through which it sells renewable energy to property owners across the United States. It is not difficult to imagine that Apple has similar intentions by proposing energy from renewable energy resources to the public. The Cupertino multinational has informed FERC that it is in compliance with the legal criteria for the sale of energy at market prices, as it is not an important player in the sector and therefore does not have the possibility of influencing prices. Apple has already applied for permits to start operating within 60 days starting June 6.

Among the hypotheses that see Apple interested in the world of energy, there are obviously references to Apple Car. Apple could have the need to create charging stations in the future: nothing better to offer its systems.