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Apple buys Nothing Real

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Apple bought the software company Nothing Real yesterday, specialized in the production of packages for video post production and for the creation of animations. At the moment, no other details are known on the subject. Nothing Real's site was shut down shortly after the official confirmation received from Apple's VFX Pro of the operation. The best known of Nothing Real's products, Shake and Tremor, are widely used in the world of cinema. Among the best known films that have used this type of programs also the recent Lord of the Rings.At the moment Shake and Tremor 3D are available only for Linux and Windows, but a version for Mac OS X in development and was announced last summer, at Macworld Expo. It is therefore probable that Apple, which intends to use them in its future products, is oriented to enhance its presence in a sector, that of video post production, also professional, where in combination with Mac OS X they could give Apple a considerable advantage. Not to be excluded that Shake and Tremor 3D can make their appearance in an additional package for Final Cut

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