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Another 3D mind arrives in Cupertino

Another 3D mind lands in Cupertino logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple extends the shopping list of managers who deal with graphics processors. After recruiting Bob Drebin it would now be Raja Koduri's turn.

Koduri, whose recruitment in Cupertino talks about the usually well-informed in hardware things and specifically in chips and components for 3D, The Inquirer, as Drebin was one of the most eminent figures of AMD. Like his colleague, he held the position of CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the graphic division of AMD (where AMD merged) and always as Drebin he dealt with discrete processors. Among the peculiarities mentioned by his biographers there is the ability to have brilliant intuitions. Over the course of his career, Koduri has made himself known worldwide for innovative designs that have given much to ATI's technologies and to the whole universe of graphic acceleration.

The recruitment of the former manager of ATI fits perfectly into a general framework that sees Apple engaged in the construction of a real dream team of top-level engineers, with a large wealth of experience and genius in the field of integrated systems, low-power processors and graphics acceleration for mobile devices. From the purchase of PAsemi to the latest recruitments of Drebin and Koduri, passing through the troubled recruitment of Mark Papermaster, the idea of ​​an Apple that wants to strongly create a proprietary platform is strengthened, with innovative technologies not available to market rivals on which to hinge the evolutionary strategy of the iPhone and iPod touch. It should not be excluded, indeed very likely, that the deployment of brains will end up having repercussions also in the laptop computer sector where with the launch of Snow Leopard the graphics processors will have an ever greater importance, assisting the main processor in intensive calculations.

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