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Amazon first ships the basic necessities for coronavirus

With the order and the advice to stay at home as much as possible, online purchases increase: for the emergency, coronavirus Amazon modifies its warehouse and order management policies, giving priority to essential and basic necessities.

The e-commerce giant informed the associated sellers via email, from which about half of the total sales came, of the change of strategy for coronavirus for Amazon warehouses in Italy, in Europe but also in the United States. To ensure timely shipments to its customers, Amazon warehouses prioritize medical supplies and basic necessities.

amazon coronavirus

Below is the list of product categories that until April 5 will have priority for supplies in the giant's warehouses, in order to ensure the fastest possible deliveries to customers: products for children, health products, beauty products, foodstuffs, articles for pets, scientific products and even books. The change of Amazon's priority for coronavirus, reported by Reuters, applies both to supplies and goods managed and sold directly by the giant of Jeff Bezos, and to those proposed by third-party sellers who use the Amazon platform and warehouses to market their products.

This of course does not mean that in coronavirus emergency Amazon customers can no longer buy goods and products from other product categories. Those who must or want to buy a video game, a watch or a smartphone may still do so but it is possible that the order may take longer to be processed, or that the shipment could start directly from the seller's warehouse rather than from an Amazon logistics center.

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