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AdMob: iPhone the strongest on the Web, Android grows

AdMob: iPhone the strongest on the Web, Android grows logomacitynet1200wide 1

AdMob serves Internet advertising in the United States for approximately 6,000 websites and 1,000 applications for mobile platforms: the reports released by the company therefore offer a reliable representation of the Web use on pocket devices. For this reason, the data provided in the latest AdMob report is certainly interesting for Apple, assigning the Apple smartphone the most widely used paperback title by US users to access the Web.

The monthly iPhone growth of 88% for all 5 months following the opening of the App Store. AdMob notes that in the 5 months following the marketing of the first and so far the only Android smartphone, the growth of Web access has been 47%. Keeping in mind that Android still has only one terminal, this is also a remarkable result for the Google platform as evidenced by the fourth position in the ranking of the most used smartphones on the net. Between the first position firmly maintained by the iPhone and the fourth place of Android, we find the two BlackBerry Curve il Perl smartphones.

The results are always clearly in Apple's favor even when considering the installed base: iPhone OS ranks first with 50%, followed by BlackBerry with 22%, while Windows Mobile ranks third. The fourth position now shared by Android which managed to hook Palm; both have 6%.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the observations that emerge from the AdMob report. The company declares that more than half of the Web requests generated by the various mobile platforms do not derive from users' browsing on the Web, but from the request for applications of any kind, from games to films, passing through news, sports and so on. According to AdMob analysts, this detail confirms that there is a place among the App Store-style application stores for other platforms outside of iPhone OS.

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