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AAPL: at the maximum of the last six months.

marzo 18, 2020

AAPL: at the maximum of the last six months. logomacitynet1200wide 1

After a few days of hesitation, taking advantage of the average positive climate of Wall Street, Apple's shares made a leap forward breaking the threshold of 24 dollars with a growth of over 2.5%. For some time, in fact, Cupertino's actions had not reached so high. The last time AAPL had managed to break through the roof was on July 17, 2000, the day before the Macworld Expo in New York. Based on the expectations of the event, share prices shot up to $ 25.10 per share, only to drop precipitously after the keynote's 'non-announcements'. Returned below $ 20, it laboriously dragged below that threshold to the end of November when he jumped over it. Then several times, on the basis of the release of new products, he tried to undermine the $ 24 threshold again without ever succeeding and forming a resistance that was broken during today's session. Now according to some observers of the list there is a new resistance that has just been overcome the share of $ 25. We remember that according to numerous financial consultancy firms Apple could be one of the first companies to benefit from the recovery of the technology sector expected for the first months of the current year and which could consolidate by the end of the year.

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