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AAPL, another positive day?

AAPL, another positive day? logomacitynet1200wide 1

It opened the AAPL stock further up. After yesterday's interesting day during which Apple returned to the highs of the last six months, Cupertino's prices in the early hours of trading on Wall Street again grew close to 1%. The increase in the value of the shares significant considering that after yesterday's positive session on the New York stock exchange, there is an air of realization with technological stocks generally down. The fact that Apple resists and indeed marks a rise seems to confirm the market's confidence in Apple's growth in the coming months. Some analysts have predicted that AAPL will easily exceed the $ 25 quota, the threshold after which a new resistance may form. equal to that which had prevented the dollar from exceeding the quota for months.In the last few days, Apple's recovery of the list has helped both the release of the new iMacs with the news of the record orders, and the presentation of the first machines from over 1 GHz.

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