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7 years ago the first iPhone was born and since then the world of "cell phones" …


7 years ago the first iPhone was born and since then the world of "cell phones" would never be the same again

Well yes, yesterday, January 9, 2014, the very famous iPhone is 7 years old and from the date of its presentation, there was an enthusiast on the stage of the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco Steve Jobs, 7 different generations of smartphones from the house of the bitten apple have passed and the road made in the '80s, a lot even if in recent years it seems to go in slow motion.

It was the progenitor of full touch smartphones with the only display to dominate it, and therefore farewell to the much-loved 12-key keyboard or to the more advanced questy keyboards of the Blackberry and some Nokia. Before 2007, Symbian and Nokia was the perfect combination of smartphones, applications that could be installed from the store or simply by installing the so-called .SIS files could transform a common mobile phone into much more.

No big name on the Web showed too much interest in the new mobile era of the Net, perhaps with the exception of Google and its Android project which, at least in its early days, looked more like a bad copy of Blackberry than the current and well-known version.

Cupertino, in fact, established the before and after of the world of telephony. Then came Apple and with its iPhone 2G it changes the cards on the table and outperforms the competition with a perfect product for use with only your fingers and above all without physical keys anywhere.

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs pulled an unusual device out of his pocket, without physical buttons except for the Home button, with its colorful screen and innovative design. This miniature computer was not only able to make calls, but guaranteed access to the Internet with the display of full pages instead of the WAP version, listening to music as if it were a normal iPod, watching videos also from YouTube and a swarm of others features, including weather, stock updates and little else. The world of the App Store arrived only a year later but already the sight of a fluid and highly user-friendly device, manageable by simply dragging your fingers on its screen.

Apple's present

Over the years, iPhone has evolved by adding more and more functions and changing design several times. From the first version only 2G, today the split between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S has been achieved. Between these two extremes, iPhone 3G and 3GS with their iconic rounded appearance, followed by iPhone 4, the group's second revolution: this smartphone, in fact, the first in the world to have enjoyed a very high DPI screen, or the Retina Display. And therefore iPhone 4S, identical to the predecessor but with an improved camera, e iPhone 5, with its irresistible anodized aluminum body.

What future for iPhone?

Apple, with iPhone 6 wants to adapt to the competition and finally offer a larger display as well as being a forerunner with the 64 Bit processor as happened on the iPhone 5S while the real innovation will be on the design that must be modified to make the new product more attractive and maybe a drop in prices a factor that Cupertino will have to take more into consideration: iPhone 5C has not made a break in the hearts of consumers because it is too expensive, who knows then that 2014 is not really the year of the first cheap iPhone.

Meanwhile, here's the presentation video of the first iPhone in the "distant" 2007:

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