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5 very useful Android apps that you can't miss this week

Google Play Store now overflows with millions of apps for Android, among which it is possible to find several that can certainly come in handy in some way, or that are nice to use. In this article we will propose you 5 useful apps for Android that may be of interest to you.

Here are the 5 useful Android apps not to be missed this week

Subcast: Podcast Radio

Scout FM - Podcast Radio

If you are a regular user of podcasts or you have just started and always have in your head the "sword of damocle" on what to listen to later, Subcast will come to your aid. The app, which in fact works like a radio, designed for group multiple frequencies of stations based on a theme, such as news or documentaries.

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While listening to a station, you can leave a heart in case you like what you are listening to or otherwise, simply go to the next station in the queue if you do not change the channel directly. Subcasts can be a great way to discover and appreciate podcasts.

Stash: client for Reddit

Stash for Reddit

Another useful app for Android Stash, a client for the well-known Reddit information and discussion platform, which allows you to view its posts in offline modeby downloading them while connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to save them and read them later. You can log in to view your individual feed and download the most recent posts, to be able to view them offline.

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You can also ask to preload a certain number of posts to predetermined intervals. Stash proves to be an ideal app in case you make frequent use of Reddit, but you want to safeguard your gigabytes for browsing.

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

LightX edits photos and photo effects

LightX a new Android app intended for Photo editing, which allows you more editing options than just basic filters to apply to your photos. You can indeed draw with different types of brushes on your images and apply effects that make the image look more modeled, sketched or painted. Of course, you can also vary the effects through various filters, so as to revive your photos in an original way.

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Wrappup A.I. Taker notes

Voicea A.I. Note Taker (English only)

Wrappup an interesting Android app capable of record meetings, and through an artificial intelligence, transcribe and understand the key points of the meeting to save them and send them later. You can also manually highlight the audio sections that interest you most and label them in case you don't want to rely too much on AI. Thanks to Wrappup you will no longer have your hands busy taking notes.Android app "width =" 700 "height =" 300

Felt: Birthday Cards, Greeting Cards & Thank You’s

Felt: Birthday Cards, Greeting Cards & Thank You's

Felt a modern app designed for handwriting of greeting cards, choosing from the many models available within the application. You can also seal, stamp and send the postcard with the your handwriting, to the desired recipient, also being able write by hand on the envelope. The app is very pretty and original, especially for birthday or holiday occasions.

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