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12 Cool Touch Bar apps for your new MacBook Pro

Apple unveiled its most recent MacBook Pro a few months ago, and the biggest change in design (apart from the smaller bezels, and the thinner construction … and all USB-C configurations), was added a Touch Bar at the top 13 "end, and the 15" model of the MacBook Pro. The default apps on the MacBook Pro already support the Touch Bar, as well as some apps developed by Apple, such as Final Cut Pro. However, while the Touch Bar looked like something new at the time, it soon took hold and some really cool apps started supporting it. So if you've just purchased the new MacBook Pro 2016 and are looking to use this fantastic Touch Bar, here are 12 fantastic Touch Bar apps for MacBook Pro to try :

1. Spark email

Spark one of my favorite email clients, and actually the one I use, on my MacBook Air. Spark was quick to jump on the Touch Bar wagon, and this led to a really well-done Touch Bar stand in the app.

With Spark and a MacBook Pro-enabled Touch Bar, you will get options for quickly marking emails as " Read / Unread ". You can also send e-mails" Reply / Reply to all "or" Forward "by simply tapping on the Touch Bar. The Touch Bar buttons for Spark include some other options, such as" Defer "," Pin "," Move to folder " and so on.

Download Spark for Mac (free)

2. Tail 2

Queue an editor for web developers. The app has excellent features for web developers, such as automatic re-entry, automatic closing of tags and more. In addition, the preview pane updates in real time to show what your web page will look like. Also, if the Coda app installed on an iOS device, you can use "Air Preview" to view the web page displayed on your iPhone or iPad .

With the support of the Touch Bar in Coda 2, you get the options to change the indentation of the text, something that is very useful. also possible to get a button for quickly switch between the editor and the preview window, so you can easily view any changes made to the code, reflect in the editor, without having to click on any menu option. The Touch Bar also offers a one-tap solution to add comments to the website code, along with a convenient search and "go to line number" feature.

Download Coda 2 for Mac (7-day free trial, $ 99)

3. PDF expert

PDF Expert one of the best PDF readers and editors I have ever used. The app developed by Readdle was fast enough to start supporting the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro.

With the latest version of PDF Expert, running on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you will have the options to do things like note down the PDF, delete sensitive information using the blackout, or the eraser tool, insert text, images, links and do a lot more. There are also many other options available, such as the ability to highlight text, underline, or strike through text, insert text, or comments, etc.

Download PDF Expert for Mac (7-day Free Trial, $ 59.99)

4. djay Pro

djay Pro one of the apps that was shown working live with the Touch Bar when Apple first demoed them at their event. With the integration of djay Pro with the Touch Bar, you can get simple options for doing things like scratch on a track, and make a lot of interesting things with the track, including the application of filters, doors, echo and so on. This is certainly one of the best ways to use the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro.

Download djay Pro for Mac (15-day free trial, $ 39.99)

5. Scheme

Outline an app that you can use to take notes, manage notebooks and do a lot of writing work. The app very similar to Microsoft's OneNote, in that it uses notebooks, sections and pages to organize writings.

definitely a great app to use, and with Touch Bar support, you can easily access a lot of features. You can do things like format the text, change the alignment, insert emoji and even add bullet or numbered lists .

Download Outline for Mac (14-day free trial, $ 39.99)

6. OmniPlan

OmniPlan a planning app for Mac, which you can use to clearly arrange and plan all the things you need to do in a certain period of time. The app creates "activities" that you can set to different colors and adjust on the timeline, based on when you need to complete them.

With Touch Bar support in the app, you get options for change quickly color of an activity, mark tasks as completed in so that your work is on schedule, move scheduled activities to later dates, etc. However, the most interesting use of the Touch Bar in this app is the full view of all your activities in the Touch Bar, with which you can interact.

Download OmniPlan for Mac (14-day free trial, starting at $ 74.99)

7. TouchSwitcher

TouchSwitcher a fantastic Touch Bar app that allows you to move quickly and easily among the apps open on your Mac . This is fantastic as it is not necessary to press the command + tab all the time. just touch the TouchSwitcher icon on the Touch Bar and select the app you want to switch to. so easy.

Download TouchSwitcher for Mac (free)

8. Glimpse

Glimpses a simple app. It only does one thing, and it does well. The app is used to combine multiple images into one video. You can adjust the amount of time each image is displayed and add background sounds to it.

Now that the app has support for the Touch Bar, you get options for quickly import images from disk, Flickr or Instagram. You also have the option of add a soundtrack is configure the settings for the video. Once you have done all this, you can simply touch the "Create" button on the Touch Bar, and Glimpses will combine all your photos into an interesting video with the selected soundtrack.

Download Glimpses for Mac (15-day free trial, $ 19.99)

9. Better Touch tool

For those of you who don't know, Better Touch Tool is probably the most used third-party tool on Macs. It extends the functionality of every aspect of the device and allows you to customize it indefinitely. Now the app supports the Touch Bar and allows you to create all kinds of custom contact bar buttons that you can assign to do what you want them to do. You can create Touch Bar buttons for quickly launch websites, run some scripts and do a lot more. Better Touch Tool is definitely a very useful app to have, if you like custom actions.

Download Better Touch Tool (45-day free trial, licenses start at $ 6)

10. TouchBar Piano

This is more of a fun thing to do with the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro. TouchBar Piano is an app that puts a plane on your fingertips . The keys are arranged on the Touch Bar and you can simply touch them to play the music. Within the application interface, you can choose between 128 different tools and you can also change the octave for each of them, to get the exact sound you want.

Download TouchBar Piano for Mac (free)

11. TouchBarSpaceFight

TouchBarSpaceFight still one of the best things I have experienced on a Touch Bar. This is a simple but challenging game where you have a spaceship (which you control with the arrow keys), and you have to shoot against enemies that literally fly towards you. The game insanely addicting and you'll have a lot of fun playing it.

Download TouchBarSpaceFight for Mac (free)

12. PacBar

If you enjoyed playing Pac-Man, then you will love the nostalgia of playing this game on the Touch Bar of your MacBook Pro. PacBar puts a small and Easy Pac-Man on the Touch Bar, and you can control Pac-Man with the arrow keys.

Of course, the game is very simple, and the number of opponents, or the type of levels, don't vary at all. However, the game definitely fun to play, and you should definitely try it.

Download PacBar for Mac (free)

TouchBar Apps worthy of a mention:

  • QuickRes (download) an app that allows you to change quickly the native resolution MacBook Pro on a variety of different values. This is useful for people like graphic designers who need to control the appearance of their designs on a variety of resolutions.
  • Adobe Photoshop (download) another really good app that supports the Touch Bar. This added functionality certainly makes using the app easier and more intuitive. can access levels, tools and much more directly on the Touch Bar of your MacBook Pro.
  • TouchBar Dino (download) an app that puts the classic game Google Chrome Dino on the Touch Bar . You can touch the Touch Bar of your MacBook Pro to make Dino jump over obstacles. a fun way to kill some time.

Use these Cool Touch Bar apps on the new MacBook Pro

These were some of the best Touch Bar apps you can try on the new MacBook Pro. They certainly make good use of the Touch Bar's functionality and show us the potential of what this technology can become.

Have you used the Touch Bar apps mentioned in this article and what do you think of them? Share your thoughts with us; Also, if you know of any other Touch Bar apps that you feel deserve to be featured on this list, please let us know in the comments section below.