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Xfactor dominates the iTunes Italia ranking

iTunes or iFactor? The question arises by scrolling the ranking of the best-selling songs on the Italian store. For days the ranking was massively populated with the songs of the protagonists of the very successful Rai TV series, but after its conclusion (which took place on Sunday evening) it became a sort of real parallel showcase with, literally, dozens of music pieces of the various Bastard Sons Of Dioniso, Matteo Becucci, Jury and whoever has more.

Just to give an idea of ??Xfactor's overpowering, just know that 28 of the top 100 songs in the iTunes chart are taken from the various episodes; 8 of the 11 songs in the final compilation are ranked. But things are even more surprising if you look at the top of the chart and also include the songs taken from the albums of the Xfactor participants and the special for Abruzzo.

The protagonists of the show conducted by Francesco Facchinetti, at the time of writing as seen from the list on the side, are at the first (The carnal love of the Bastard Sons of Dioniso), second (Impossible, by Matteo Becucci), third (Mi you break the world, Jury), fourth (You've Got a Friend), fifth (Briciole, Noemi), sixth (Contessa, Bastard Sons of Dioniso), eighth place and ninth place (No, by Daniele and Somebody TO Love by Matteo Becucci); to disturb total domination there is only Shame on You by Laura Trent in seventh place. As if this were not enough 14 songs on the first 30 (almost 50%) are Xfactor songs.

If we wanted to take a look at the LP rankings, we would find a new invasion. Compilation of Xfactor fifth, Great Tits Heat! of the Bastard Sons of Dionysus seventh, the episode of April 19 eleventh. It is also worth taking into account Morgan's fourth place with his Italian Songbook Vol. 1, given that the popularity of the former Bluvertigo singer is certainly not unrelated to his participation as judge in the Rai Due competition.

The ranking, especially for the second five for very "liquid" with continuous oscillations, minute by minute, but the substance changes little: Xfactor an … unavoidable factor in the iTunes charts and a noteworthy phenomenon.

What contributed to this enormous success easy to say: the driving force of TV, the immediacy with which you can buy songs from iTunes, the readiness with which the songs were made available, the dedicated section and the direct link between the Xfactor and iTunes site.

In any case, beyond the "scientific" explanations, iTunes has perhaps demonstrated on this occasion for the first time the power of the distribution system on the Internet when it is connected to an advertising structure of the same system supported in turn by an event of call and from a solid and credible platform such as iTunes. A proof that even in Italy there is ample space for digital content if the right conditions are met and the right channels are sought.