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With Snap Elica enters the world of Internet of Things with smart aspirations

Elica, historic company famous worldwide for the production of Made in Italy cooker hoods, enters the Internet of Things and launches the first Air Quality Balancer on the market. Thanks to the presence of three sensors and a sophisticated algorithm, Snap the innovative suction system that automatically monitors and improves air quality, reducing in just 30 minutes according to what is certified by Ecam Ricert, the presence of polluting agents, odors, and excess of vapors indoors.

snap propeller A recent study carried out by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) has revealed that the air we breathe in indoor spaces that are not adequately ventilated, can be up to 5 times more polluted than the external one: a figure that confirms how much attention is paid to external environmental pollution and little to the domestic one. With Snap, Elica continues its path as an air treatment specialist, opening up with its first IOT product to other rooms in the house.

The project enhanced by the participation of authoritative partners with strong expertise in the Internet of Things area: Vodafone and IBM. In addition to having contributed to the creation of the dedicated app, Vodafone provides M2M connectivity, one of the connectivity solutions available on Snap, through which the user can be constantly informed of the quality of the air and can activate the desired function, even by connecting remotely. IBM instead owns the cloud where all the collected data is stored.

Snap, thanks to three sensors that constantly measure the quality, temperature and humidity of the air, automatically activates the recycling of the air avoiding having to open the windows of the house and consequently the risk of a relative dispersion of heat. Once Snap is activated, it is in the receiving phase, learning about the home environment through continuous detections carried out by its sensors. In this way he is able to define and calibrate his intervention on an ideal specific situation for each environment and time of day.

Snap Elica offers 5 operating modes that can be activated with an APP (downloadable from the Apple and Google stores) for remote control or with a remote control, which allow you to set Snap according to your specific needs. Automatic: frees the environment from odors, pollutants, excess humidity. Automatically, it monitors the temperature and regulates the output air flow to avoid unnecessary temperature changes and consequent waste. Manual: leaves the user the possibility to ventilate their environment, according to their needs. Detox: focuses on air quality, frees the environment from odors and pollutants. Dry: determines a correct recycling of the air reducing the possibility of mold formation and avoiding the unpleasant smell of closed. links: communicates with the Sense hoods by Elica, and is activated based on the information and activities of the latter, intervenes in order to enhance the efficiency of aspiration in the kitchen.

Snap can be positioned in any room of the house that can communicate with the outside and on a wall near a power point and available on the Italian market in two models: WI-Fi at the price of 299 euros and WI-FI + SIM a 399 euros (SIM data traffic subscription included for one year).

On the occasion of its launch, Elica decided to open its online store dedicated to Snap, at, where it is also possible to find a reference to access a list of technicians affiliated with the product listing.

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