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Wireless in the Olympics.

Wireless in the Olympics. logomacitynet1200wide 1

The temptation to massively adopt wireless communication structures in many organizational aspects, already at the next Olympics (Salt Lake City from 5 to 25 February), was strong, but not yet mature according to the organizers. Before 11 September it was decided to use IEEE 802.11b / Wi-Fi (AirPort) networks to support radio and television commentators, to distribute sports results and to manage some administrative parts. After that tragic date, SchlumbergerSema, the company that has the contract up to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the technological / IT infrastructures (it happens for the first time at IBM) has reassessed the question: β€œthe encryption of this standard is too weak, it takes 15 to 45 minutes not so much to cause breakages of the code, but at least to produce devastating damage, "this said the manager Bob Cottam." It does not matter that companies like Cisco and 3Com have produced methods security very difficult to scratch, these are proprietary systems that make it difficult to homogenize the wireless network, as long as there is no single standard, this will remain our decision ". Said there and apparently closed the doors to wireless, those who want to access results and anything else in Salt Lake will have to "settle" to do it from one of 4,500 workstations (between desktops and laptops), from one of 1,000 kiosks and from one of 40 equipped rooms, all connected to 225 WinNT servers and 145 Unix servers through a Gigabit Ethernet LAN. Lucent and Cisco are the suppliers, the former for fiber optic cabling and the latter for hardware.

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