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Wild West Pinball: the real pinball on iPhone and touch

Wild West Pinball: the real pinball on iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

More than a pinball game in a digital version, the developers define their creation as a simulator of the historic bar game. This is not an understatement. Wild West Pinball is undoubtedly a pinball game for iPhone and touch but, like no other, it offers a realistic gaming experience. When the ball enters the game from the side track, we have a full view of the game on the iPhone screen. As the ball moves and hits the various 3D elements of the table, buffers, obstacles, pitfalls and bonuses, the shot enlarges the part of the game in which the action takes place.

So we discover that all the elements of Wild West Pinball are not simple inanimate drawings on which the ball bounces, but faithfully reconstructed 3D objects. To ensure a game experience faithful to the original in steel and crystal, the programmers have used high-resolution 3D graphics, realistic shots and camera movements, a well-thought-out physical engine, real audio effects and so on, all rendered with animations of 40 frames per second.

Playing very simple: just touch on the right or left of the screen to activate the buffer, while shaking the pocket slightly we provoke the historic "push" of the pinball. For the best players the possibility to see their name appear in the world ranking on the Web. Wild West Pinball works on iPhone and touch with Firmware 6.1: it can be purchased for 2.39 euros starting from this App Store page.

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