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WhatsApp: discovery can reveal if two users are …

As is well known, the current basin that boasts the billion users on Whatsapp, relies on its security by counting on an end-to-end encryption system, which keeps away prying and too curious eyes.

This means that no one, not even the development team, can decipher the code and read the content of the messages sent by users. But despite this, the computer engineerRobert Heaton, he recently discovered a flaw which reveals when two users are conversing with each other or are offline.

It was possible to take advantage of the flaw on WhatsApp through an extension written with only four lines of code

Currently, the possibility of view the status of any contact on WhatsApp together with functionality provided by the release of the latest versions, allow you to get an idea about the habits of a contact, when the latter is usually active or offline. The privacy settings, as we well know, allow you to choose whether to show your status to everyone, limit it to contacts in the address book or not allow anyone to view it.

By default, the information is set to be viewed by anyone, while it is not possible to hide the "online" status or limit it in some way. engineerHeaton, revealed how all this information provided by the WhatsApp, may be used to better control contacts.


Employing only four lines of code in JavaScript,Heaton He has made an extension for Chrome, able to reveal when his contacts were online, using the browser version of WhatsApp Web. Taking this information and comparing them with the activity of another contact, the engineer was able to understand the moment when two contacts were communicating with each other, and it seems that the same vulnerability can be exploited on Messenger.

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