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What to do if WiFi doesn't work? All the solutions

We live in a world where it is essential to stay constantly updated and connected with each other, therefore a question arises spontaneously: what to do when the wifi is not working? In this short guide we will illustrate all the possible actions to be performed when this unpleasant situation occurs, to avoid being cut off from the rest of the world.

The basics: airplane mode and system restart

Never neglect the fundamental principle known as Occam's razor: all things being equal, the simplest solution is the one to prefer. Often, in fact, we try to find complicated and excessively unconventional solutions, but if the wifi does not work, one of the classic remedies could provide the cure.

How to do if WiFi doesn't workAre you sure you haven't forgotten the active airplane mode?

In fact, every basic and non-computer scientist is fully aware that the first solution method for the most classic Troubleshooting problems, as far as wifi is concerned, it consists in turning the router off and on again, or any other source you rely on for the connection. Open the Quick Settings menu on your mobile phone Android with a swipe down select the wifi icon to disable it. Do the same with your home router: turn it off and, after at least two minutes, turn it on again.

Another simple solution activate the airplane mode for a few seconds, turn it off and recheck the connection. Also, in the case of a router, check if all the cables are properly connected, or that the whole system is properly connected to the power supply. In case your Wi-Fi connection continues to cause problems, try restarting your device, in provisional mode, follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button;
  2. From the options on the screen, press and hold the option for a few seconds Switch off;
  3. To select OK when asked if you want to reboot into provisional mode;
  4. Once in safe mode, restart your device normally.

Analysis of the main settings

1 Verify that the SSID and security key are correct

Does the wireless network show multiple available networks? Make sure to connect to Correct SSID, i.e. to your router, or a router whose password you know, and to have entered the correct security key. If you connect to a neighbor's router or enter the wrong security key, the laptop will not be able to connect to the network, showing the classic error message that panics us.

What to do if WiFi doesn't workThe correct WiFi network password but the smartphone does not connect? Try to reset the network settings!

2 Disable firewalls

Having more than one firewall software installed on your computer can cause many problems with your network connection. To help verify that this isn't a problem, I recommend temporarily disabling all firewalls on your computer.

What to do if Wi-Fi doesn't work

Disabling Windows Firewall, or any blockage provided with security programs, you may gain full access to the network again; however, you may lose the security of the filter provided by this protection system: if, after disabling all the firewalls, you notice that you are able to connect to the network again, carefully evaluate whether one of them is the cause of your problems, and consider disabling it permanently if necessary.

3 Update the router firmware

If you have never had success with the computer connecting to the router, try updating the router's firmware. Updated firmware can help resolve problems with the router, including i connection problems. In this way, it may be possible to connect to any available network, or one whose password is known, without sudden disconnections, or any other kind of problems.

Connections and overheating

1 Check for overheating

Like any other electronic device, routers can fall into the risk of overheating which can damage the router over time or make it unstable, causing impossibility to connect, or too high a ping, which results in a constant lag while browsing, or any other activity that uses the internet connection.

Check out the router temperature to see how hot it is and make sure it has enough airflow. If the vents are blocked or the router is in a warm place, overheating could cause instability. It is also possible that the previous overheating may have damaged the router.

How to do if WiFi doesn't workTo avoid unpleasant surprises it is always good to keep the temperature of your devices under control!

2 Verify that the cables are securely connected

As easy as it sounds, sometimes we forget to check the obvious solution before moving on to the more complicated ones, as we said earlier. Someone may have accidentally pulled or kicked a cable, causing it to disconnect or loosen. You should check all the cables involved and make sure they are connected securely.

What to do if WiFi doesn't work

Make sure to check the power cables of the router and modem, the cable between the router and the modem, the cable between the modem and the wall outlet, and each Ethernet cable inserted into the back of the router. Check each end of the cable and make sure it is securely connected: it may appear to be connected but a little loose, and this could potentially be the cause of your connection problems.

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