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Vaio: a million-piece recall.

The cause of the problem has been identified in versions 3.0 and 3.1 of the proprietary software "Manual CyberSupport for Vaio" pre-installed in a large number of Sony Vaio models. It is Sony who explains: there is a way to bypass the safety of the Vaio via a homepage on the web , with an unauthorized email or an attachment, thanks to particular "malicious" HTML codes and antivirus software do not serve to protect themselves. Sony calculates the operation just started to repair this bug in a million and a half dollars. of the affected models, if by pure chance someone is interested in solving the security problem, click on the links above.Vaio Desk Top: [VAIO RX] PCV-RX73, PCV-RX73V9, PCV-RX73L6, PCV-RX72K, PCV- RX72KV9, PCV-RX72KL5, PCV-RX63, PCV-RX63V7, PCV-RX63L5, PCV-RX62K, PCV-RX62KV7, PCV-RX62KL5, PCV-RX53, PCV-RX53V7, PCV-RX53L52, PCV-RX53L5, PC PCV-RX52L5, [VAIO J] PCV-J21MG, PCV-J21MGL5, PCV-J21M, PCV-J21ML5, PCV-J21MBP, PCV-J21MBPV7, PCV -J21, PCV-J21V5, PCV-J20GBP, PVC-J20GV7BP, PCV-J20, PCV-J20V5, PCV-J20BP, PCV-J20V7BP, PCV-J20A, PCV-J20AL5, [VAIO MX] PCV-MXS1, PCV-MXS1L5 , [VAIO LX] PCV-LX93G, PCV-LX93G / BP, PCV-LX83, PCV-LX83 / BP, PCV-LX53G, PCV-LX53G / BP, PCV-LX53, PCV-LX53 / BP, PCV-LX33, PCV -LX33 / BP, PCV-LX92G / BP, PCV-LX82 / BP, PCV-LX52G / BP, PCV-LX52 / BP, PCV-LX32 / BP Notebook PC: [VAIO NOTE GR] PCG-GR90E, PCG-GR90E / K , PCG-GR9E, PCG-GR7E, PCG-GR5E / BP, PCG-GR9, PCG-GR9 / K, PCG-GR7 / K, [VAIO NOTE FX] PCG-FX77S / BP, PCG-FX55S / BP, PCG- FX33S / BP, PCG-FX11S / BP, PCG-FX90G / K, PCG-FX77G / BP, PCG-FX60G / K, PCG-FX55G / BP, PCG-FX50G / K, PCG-FX33G / BP, PCG-FX11G / BP, [VAIO NOTE QR] PCG-QR3 / BP, PCG-QR1S / BP, [VAIO NOTE 505] PCG-R505F / BD, PCG-R505F / SP, PCG-R505FR / D, PCG-R505FR, [VAIO NOTE SR ] PCG-SRX7, PCG-SRX3 / BD, PCG-SRX3, PCG-SR9M / G, PCG-SR9M / K, PCG-SR1M / BP, PCG-SR1M, [VAIO C1] PCG-C1MRX, PCG-C1MR / BP , PCG-C1VSX / K, PCG-C1VS / BW, [VAIO NOTE FX] PCG-FX990, PCG-FX900, PCG-FX900H, PCG-FX990L, [VAIO NOTE 505] PCG-R505AFT, PCG-R505AGT, PCG-R505AFH , P CG-R505AFL, PCG-R505AGL.