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To the rescue of the PowerBook with 99 dollars a year

To the rescue of the PowerBook with 99 dollars a year logomacitynet1200wide 1

The initiative guarantees prompt intervention within 24 hours for its customers. In fact, once the Official Apple Warranty has expired, it is possible to stipulate a Technical Assistance contract with "Powerbook Resque" at a cost of $ 99 per year. In case the Powerbook should stop working, just call the Service Center number who will send a " Power Box ”(the same that Apple sends for the withdrawal of the Powerbooks going to Holland). In 24 hours, customers will have a complete diagnosis of the Powerbook with the possible cost of repair. In case of consent by the customer, the specialized technicians of "Powerbook Resque" will carry out the repairs. An express courier rriporter the Powerbook in real time to its owner. A sort of speedy and unofficial "Apple Care" at a reasonable price that also includes 3 free "overnight" shipments that allow you to send or receive the Powerbook in less than 12 hours. The "Power Box" will still remain to the customer even if (hopefully) he will no longer have to use it. Unfortunately, the initiative reserved only for citizens of the United States.

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