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The Woz returns to the track.

The Woz returns to the track. logomacitynet1200wide 1

It's called Wheel Of Zeus and a company that will specifically deal with wireless products. It is just born but already occupies a place of honor in the consideration of Mac users. Its founder Steve Wozniak, with Jobs one of the two "founding fathers" of the Mac.Wheel Of Zeus platform, or rather woz which then also the nickname of Wozniack, has recently received 6 million dollars of investment from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Palo Alto Investors and Mobius Venture some realities that believed in the project of its creator. Its purpose: to bring "wireless" into everyday life. Wozniak in a release accompanying the company's public launch claims that thanks to some technologies, such as GPS, new types of antennas and falling prices of the processors, new devices have become possible. In the official declarations there are no precise plans and plans. Tim Draper, who will be the chairman of the board of wOz, claims that in any case Wozniak is preparing to create something as omnipresent and useful as the computer. All that remains is to wait …

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