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The new G4s are cheaper

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The prices of the new G4 have also appeared on AppleStore Italia. The price list is immediately very interesting with prices even falling on the low end model despite this going from 733 to 800 MHz. The entry machine now costs 1899 euros against 1999 of the previous version compared to which it benefits, as well as in the processor also in the graphics card (the Radeon 7500 beats the GeForce MX rather easily) and in the Ram equipment (256 MB instead of 128) Interesting also the price of the intermediate model that has more Ram, more powerful processor (933 MHz versus 867 MHz) and the extraordinary GeForce4, a card that we will talk about in future updates of Macity but which is configured as the best currently on the market at a price of 2699 euros against the 2999 of the old model. Finally, if the Dual version for 4199 euros offered two 800 MHz processors, the new PowerMac offers two 1 GHz processors with twice the Ram (512 MB) and always the GeForce4 p card. er 3499 euros against the 4199 of the previous version (which had double HD) Finally the “Il massimo” version debuts which always has two processors but also, 1.5GB of SDRAM and 2xUltra ATA 80GB for 4259 euros, slightly higher than the Dual 867 MHz version.

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