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The new G4 all with Dual Head cards

marzo 17, 2020

The new G4 all with Dual Head cards logomacitynet1200wide 1

Very useful for those involved in DTP and Design, the possibility of having a main and a secondary monitor on which to keep palettes and parametric data is now standard on all the new G4 desktops 2002. Both the Radeon 7500 and the brand new NVidia 4 MX have a double connector able to connect both to Apple ADC Monitors and to other monitors equipped with a VGA socket. This novelty previously reserved only for some particular configurations of G4 actually saves an internal slot that should have been occupied by a video card with PCI bus.If you want to connect 4 more monitors to your mac for a total of 6, all you have to do is add cards and your Mac will manage them without problems. The basic availability of a dual monitors will also satisfy those who have to manage color corrections and need a cathode ray tube display with the possibility of control, calibration and wider gamut than the ot Apple LCD timers.

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