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The Metallica Collection arrives on iTunes Italy

Also in our country available on the iTunes Store "The Metallica Collection", the digital box dedicated to all fans of the band who want the complete discography of the James Hetfield group.

The Metallica Collection a real anthology of the heavy metal band, including all the albums in the studio, from "Kill 'em All" to "Death Magnetic", also including two EPs, live tracks and the exclusive single "I Disappear ".

The cost of the digital box of 99.99 euros, a cost that calculated in its entirety is equivalent to about 60 cents per song. Certainly an opportunity for anyone who wants all the digital discography of the group or even for those who were waiting for nothing more than this release to get hold of Metallica's opera omnia.

Anyone wishing to purchase The Metallica Collection will only have to follow this direct link to the iTunes Store.