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The EU will say yes to the merger between HP and Compaq

The EU will direct the merger between HP and Compaq logomacitynet1200wide 1

The European Union should give the green light to the merger agreement between HP and Compaq. Some sources close to the commission say that antitrust officials would not see any impediment to the finalization of the incorporation process. The response of the European commission expected with particular interest also by the USA; last year the commission stopped the merger between General Electric and Honeywell. The provision, the first in the course of which an agreement that had been approved overseas was canceled, had aroused bitter criticism in America.We remember that in the case of HP, in reality, the main problem does not appear to be the European Commission when the same board of directors and the shareholders' meeting within which the merger is fiercely opposed. These include the Packard and Hewlett families, heirs of the founders of HP.

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