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The escape from the monkey island: episode IV

Escape from Monkey Island: episode IV logomacitynet1200wide 1

The most languid, clumsy and shaggy pirate apprentice of the Caribbean had made his debut in society in the mists of time just with the Apple, but his latest adventures, with great dismay of the large crowd of his worshipers, had disappeared from our horizons. A few months ago a flash in the dark: the fourth episode of the saga returned to the Mac in the riot of an entirely 3D environment but with the same politically incorrect spirit, the same improbable characters, the same sharp tongues, of the previous episodes. Next to him, once again , the beloved Elaine Marley, now married in Threepwood with whom you will have to face intricate adventures behind which, there is to bet, there will still be the fearsome LeChuck, the meanest and most ruthless of the buccaneers. Let's discover together the secrets of "Escape from Monkey Island ”in this detailed review onβ€œ ilmioMac ”.

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