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The D-Link home automation solution will expand with new Z-Wave peripherals and 180 ° cameras

Entered for some time with Wi-Fi peripherals and then Z-wave and finally with its gateway for the first price smart home in the world of home automation D-Link doubles its offer in the field of devices that can be integrated with its software for MyDlink Homecon smartphone with sensors, cameras and above all thermostats capable of managing increasingly complex activities in the home and also managing energy saving options.

In the gallery that we show you, you can preview some models and prototypes able to work through Wi-fi or Z-wave with the current home automation Hub model (for the Z-wave radio the limitation to 10 peripherals) or with others that will arrive in future.

Smart Alarm dectector an interesting sensor designed to be combined with traditional systems or alarm systems to detect gas or break-ins: capable of analyzing impulsive noises such as that of broken glass or sinusoidal glass such as that of a siren and capable of transmitting them remotely through internet to get to your smartphone.

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The cameras DCS-960L and DCS-2530L they represent an excellent alternative to motorized models as they are able to embrace a large surface of the house and can also be mounted on the ceiling and are obviously able to detect suspicious sounds and movements. The 2530 model is capable of shooting FULL HD at 180 while the other has 180 HD capacity. They will be integrated in the MyDlink Home solution soon. On board you will find a 16 GB SD Card for local photo and video recordings.

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<p>We do not know whether to be part of MyDlink Home but to enrich the large series of D-Link cameras the new one <strong>DNR-212LKT-2 kit</strong>, equipped with a Hub and 2 cameras with built-in batteries and magnetic coupling to be positioned wherever you want outside: it has an integrated microphone and night vision with local recording or access through the D-Link Cloud system. The cylindrical hub also has an HDMI – VGA output for direct connection to a TV and can connect to 9 cameras simultaneously.</p>
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