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The 5 USB ports on the iMac are 4, or rather 3

The 5 USB ports on the iMac are 4, indeed 3 logomacitynet1200wide 1

We suspected it from the beginning, the USB ports on the brand new iMac are not exactly how many Apple mentions in the iMac features. There are officially 5, why? Cupertino says that 2 on the keyboard plus 3 behind the iMac does 5. It is quite obvious that the keyboard to have two available ports must still connect to the iMac then take advantage of a USB and then, if the math is not an opinion, 2 free on the computer and 2 more on the keyboard makes a total of 4 available … not to mention the one that will necessarily have to be occupied by the mouse. But if we limit ourselves to this we could simply go for picky (we are, and here we admit it) There is more. From the iMac technical PDF (756 KB), addressed to the developers, you have confirmation of what you learned unofficially in the early hours: there are 2 USB channels on the iMac with the known full capacity of 12 Mbps but one of these is occupied by the Modem: it can also be seen from the functional diagram that you find on this page.We specify better, the USB controllers in the iMac are s 2, but the devices already on board are in greater numbers : a USB modem (V.90 / K56Flex / 14.4 Kbps per fa x Group 3 / equipped with audio output to monitor the connection) and the USB port marked in our image by the number "1" share a hub, the USB port "2" and the "3" share the 12 Mbps with the second hub It is understood that if you need to connect a "voracious" transfer rate device, such as a USB burner, it is good to position this connection either in port "2" or "3" avoiding occupying the other; on the "1" the 12 Mbps are always shared with the modem. The 2 independent hubs each provide a maximum power supply of 500 mA. Another detail that receives confirmation: the SuperDrive of the iMac of a different model (in part higher) than that mounted so far in the PowerMac G4. (see this page of "ilmioMac")

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