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The 5 best Android apps to take care of your car

You will still remember with pleasure the passion and dedication with which your father took care of his car. Every weekend a few hours to check the levels and a wash always found her. Other times, other rhythms. Today life is much more hectic and carving out the time needed to control your own more complicated car. For this we of Android.Caotic we recommend you today5 best Android apps to take care of your car.

Small premise: apps cannot replace your common sense and the sensations you feel once you're sitting behind the wheel. Always pay attention to what you perceive during your travels: unfortunately the unexpected cannot be calculated, even in the smart era.

The 5 best Android apps to take care of your car


Before you travel, always check that you have your driving license with you. And if you want to know yours balance points, you can download it to your Android smartphone iPatente, official app released by the Ministry of Transport.


To access your profile you must previously register on the car driver's portal (to this link), after which you will have a complete overview of your situation points and useful tips on how to reach them authorized workshops nearby, where to renew your license and know when exactly your car will have to be overhauled. That's why it turns out to be a must for every motorist!

5 best Android apps to take care of your car "width =" 700 "height =" 300Know your points balance and your history at motorsport? iPatente the answer!


Are you deciding to buy or sell your car but don't have all the documents at hand? With Vehicle just insert the plate and you will have all the necessary data. Horses, environmental class, unladen mass, displacement, etc.


C more, because you will also know when it was registered, if it was paid regularly on stamp and if covered by RCA. Previously it also allowed to know if the car had been involved in accidents: at the moment this function was suspended but could be reintroduced. Simple and practical, Vehicle free but includes advertising: to delete them just make a small purchase in the app.

5 best Android apps to take care of your car "width =" 700 "height =" 300From the first screen you can choose what to know: Vehicle a very complete and useful app.


Keeping every ordinary maintenance and its management costs under control can often be complicated: Drivvo he comes to you helping you to record whenever you put your hand in the wallet for any eventuality. Refueling, coupons or occasional check ups can be managed directly on your Android smartphone in the blink of an eye.

Drivvo - Vehicle management, App for motorists

Drivvo it helps you even if you have to manage multiple vehicles: for this reason it is a candidate to be a valid ally both for your family and for business realities, with a lot of possibilities export data to Excel and generate graphs. These are just some of the reasons why it is among the 5 best Android apps to take care of your car. Available in free version with announcements and some limited functionality, it is possible to have it complete with only 6.

Bosch wipers

One of the worst adversities to face a rain trip: in addition to making the asphalt more slippery, it reduces visibility. This is why it is essential to periodically check the status of the wiper blades, thus always guaranteeing you a perfect view. Bosh knows this well and for this reason he offers you his help not only with his high quality products.

This small app allows you to check the availability of the models in the catalog based on the model of your car, know their compatibility and even see a short video tutorial that will help you on how to install the brushes correctly. Completely free,Bosch wiperstherewe believe it is fundamental, for this reason we insert it with your eyes closed among the 5 best Android apps to take care of your car.

5 best Android apps to take care of your car "width =" 700 "height =" 300Among the 5 apps to take care of your car there is also Bosh wipers: the view is not an optional while driving!

Petrol prices

During a trip you realize that the reserve spy holds you tight but you don't know where to go provision? Or do you simply want to understand which is the plant of your city with the most convenient prices? Petrol prices lapp that is right for you. Through the reports of registered and certified users, you can immediately decide which path to take and why not, save some precious Euros.

Petrol prices - LPG and CNG

Born thanks to the collaboration between Federconsumatori, Adusbef and Adiconsum, inside you can find every type of fuel, including methane and LPG. The staff of Petrol prices undertakes to process the price list every 5 minutes, thus ensuring a high service. Among the features there is also the one that indicates where you parked, useful for those who occasionally suffer from carelessness. Available both in free version with ads or paid (1,79), Petrol prices complete the list of the 5 best Android apps to take care of your car.

5 best Android apps to take care of your car "width =" 700 "height =" 300Are you looking for the best prices or an LPG distributor nearby? Petrol prices ideal.

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