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Ten tips and tricks to make the most of your …

The recent and iconic top of the range of the Chinese house released a few months ago, viz OnePlus 6Tdespite its high price, one of the most affordable high-end smartphones on the market. Following the tradition that characterizes its range, the device equipped with numerous software features, which allow an excellent level of user customization. What time are you among the owners of this device, here ten tips and tricks to make the most of it!

OnePlus 6T is sold with the latest version of the green robot, namely Android 9.0 Pie, coupled with the well-equipped home interface OxygenOS, one of the best around. Maintaining the stock appearance of Android and one good simplicity of use, this can offer many functions. Here are which!

OnePlus 6T: ten tricks and tips to use it in the best way!

Use the quick start

OnePlus 6T the first smartphone from the Chinese house to be equipped with an in-display fingerprint sensor. Thanks to this, you can take advantage of the quick start function, which uses a new and faster authentication system.

OnePlus 6T

The quick start basically allows you to use the in-display fingerprint scanner device, for directly access certain activities or apps. Baster keep your finger positioned on the screen, above the relative scanner, during the block. You will immediately start a mini app launcher, with related shortcuts to certain activities, such as the creation of a new event, a new note, etc.

To enable the function, you will need to go toSettings> Utilities> Quick Start enabling the relevant option on the page that opens. You can also customize the list of shortcuts for activities.

Customize the animation related to the fingerprint scanner

OnePlus 6T

Whenever you unlock your OnePlus 6T with your fingers, you will notice a animation effect around the position of the fingerprint scanner. OxygenOS obviously allows you to customize the latter too, by going toSettings> Fingerprints> Animation effect.

Customize the navigation bar of the OnePlus 6T

OxygenOS also allows you to customize the navigation bar of your OnePlus 6T, choosing from three types of style of the latter, each characterized by its own layout.

OnePlus 6T

Follow this simple guide to set it according to your needs: How to activate gestures and change the navigation bar on OnePlus 6T.

Use the dark theme

OnePlus 6T

Every self-respecting OnePlus device, equipped with a dark theme for the interface. Use it on OnePlus 6T very simple, just go toSettings>Display>Theme. Once you open the page, you will also be able to set up a colorful or bright theme. The dark theme however allows you to save more battery.

Activate night mode

To accompany the dark theme on OnePlus 6T, there is also the night mode, perfect when using the device in the small hours. This mode allows you to avoid the negative effects that blue light causes to the body, allowing you not to strain your eyes at night.

OnePlus 6T

You can enable the function onSettings> Display> Night mode. You can also decide to automate the function, making sure that it is activated in the beginning of the evening hours.

Double tap to wake

OnePlus 6T

The double tap to wake allows you to wake up quickly your OnePlus 6T, by double-tapping the screen, during standby. You can enable the function onSettings> Buttons and gestures>Double tap to wake.

Set an animated background

OnePlus 6T

Also on OnePlus 6T, the OxygenOS interface offers animated wallpaper with which you can make your home more unique and original. Going upDisplay> Wallpaperand looking for the section Customization, you can choose from three of different types. Alternatively, you can also access it by tapping on an empty area on the home screen, then tapping onWallpapers.

Enable swipe down for quick settings

The large display that characterizes the OnePlus 6T can sometimes make it difficult to reach the top of the latter to open the quick settings curtain. OxygenOS has also thought about it, thanks to swipe down function.

OnePlus 6TThis is a convenient feature, which once activated, allows you to scroll down anywhere on the display, to conveniently open the quick setting curtain. To activate it, long touch an empty area of ​​the home screen, then go toHome> Swipe down.

Customize the action to answer calls

On OnePlus 6T, you need to swipe down to answer an incoming call. You modify the gesture by going to the phone app and touching the three dots, selectSettings> Swipe up to respond.

OnePlus 6T

You can also answer calls by simply lifting the phone. To activate this type of action, go toSettings> Buttons and gestures> Quick gestures> Answer calls by gesture.

Increase the performance of OnePlus 6T with the Smart Boost function

OxygenOS has included a new section to test new interface features. This is called OnePlus Laboratory and you can find it by going upSettings> Utilities> OnePlus Laboratory. From there you can activate the new function Smart Boost, which will allow you to increase the performance of the device by about 20%.

OnePlus 6TThe function, still available in the experimental phase in the relative section, will surely come soon remains stable in future updates.

Last but not the least: easter egg

OnePlus 6T

OxygenOS placed like easter egg for the OnePlus 6T, the iconic logo "Never Settle", which will appear by typing "1", "+" and "=" in the system calculator.

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