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Syncwire SW-BTS-01 Bluetooth mini speaker review, the surprise comes when listening

Large is not always synonymous with powerful. This is the conclusion we came to after having tried Syncwire SW-BTS-01 for a long time, a small Bluetooth speaker that stands out for its extraordinary power in relation to the small size of the speaker.

It is in one hand, yet it manages to sound like an ordinary speaker at least three times the size and catching those who, like some friend of ours who has had the opportunity to listen to it live, up to a moment before could simply keep it a common and mediocre speaker.

Syncwire SW-BTS-01 review

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And in fact this was the first and completely wrong impression we had as soon as we pulled it out of the box. The good quality plastics, as well as the soft rubber that externally covers the case, hardly convince that what you have in your hands a speaker capable of amaze.

Let's take our teeth off by immediately highlighting what we think is the biggest flaw and which goes to blur the idea of ​​what could be the perfect pocket speaker for many: the rubber coating. As particular (we have never seen one similar in another speaker before) and potentially problematic, characterized by a large mesh network with a hexagonal weave that wraps all sides of the small parallelepiped, except for the base, all covered by a rubber surface completely detached from the rest.

The problem in fact right here: the rubber mesh protection stuck in a narrow groove from which, out of curiosity, we tried to remove. By detaching it from one side (the one where the +, – and Bluetooth buttons are located) we were able to peek at the structure of the keys, but when we decided to re-insert it, it seemed almost impossible. Only with the help of a knife with a very thin point and a lot of patience we managed to frame it again, cursing the moment when it seemed interesting to try to release it.

In fact, removing the gum isn't that difficult either. If you let the speaker wander inside a backpack, it is not excluded that in the long run impacting with other objects it cannot be removed again, forcing you to vacuum up more than seven shirts to put everything in place.

Probably the manufacturer could have chosen a different protection system, at the same time at a higher price that we would not have regretted having to pay, eliminating the hassle of having to waste time with the rubber protection if it were to be unhooked from the groove.

Also the coverage of the Reset and ON / OFF keys, which then the same as the microUSB and AUX inputs that we find on the opposite side to that of the previously mentioned keys, completely mediocre. The very thin rubber does not get stuck as it should and often risks moving right and left, making us in some cases almost wish to cut it definitively.

Why is there a rubber net to protect the entire case soon said. In addition to absorbing any small bumps, it prevents unwanted fingers or objects from ending up in the opening approximately 1 cm high which we find on one side (to make the idea, imagining the case without the net, it could resemble a squared Pac-Man). In this opening you can see two components that, combined with the speaker that we find on the upper side, guarantee a 360 degree diffusion of sound.

The rubber net does not help when it comes to dirt and dust. It attracts a lot of it that ends irreparably even in the opening, even if in more than a month of incessant use, it did not cause us too many problems: a firm blow and a slightly damp cloth are enough to get rid of it in a few seconds. Finally, in a corner of the case there is a small hole that guarantees the attachment of the carabiner for the wrist strap included in the package.